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Since 2003, we have used our proprietary lead generation strategies to filled 1000's of events, masterminds, webinars & appointment calendars with qualified corporate executives & business owners.Book a time now learn how we can exclusively bring qualified leads to you too!

What Our Clients Are Saying...

"Working with Jeff & QCL has generated more than 50 corporate executive leads in 30 days using their innovative lead generation strategy & services. Best of all, several of them are moving forward with paid services! This is BY FAR, the most successful marketing campaign I've EVER invested in!" - R. Finchum, Bridgepoint Technologies (IT Consulting)

"Working with Jeff  & QCL was not only enjoyable & educational, the campaign they designed was the BEST we've EVER implemented!Resulting in more than 30 plus new qualified leads in 4 weeks!"- M. Schindler, OMF Cares (Executive Coaching/Corporate Training)

"Before working with Jeff, it was difficult to get meetings with CIO's & IT Leaders. Jeff's innovative strategies & service brought more than 30 qualified CIO's to me with little effort & expense in one month!"- J. Blanchford, PSM Partners (IT Consulting & Managed Services)

Other Client First 30 Day Results...

50 Qualified Leads

40 Qualified Leads

30 Qualified Leads

Flu Shot - National Mobile Clinic

Direct Mail Marketing Agency

Private Aviation Charter Services

40 Qualified Leads

30 Qualified Leads

25 Qualified Leads

Franchise Consulting

Financial Services

Business Process Improvement

Consulting Services

Plus, 100's of other niche categories...


Web Development



Expense Reduction


HR Consulting


CFO Services

Career Transition


Growth Consultants



Pharma Consulting

College Scholarships


Executive Coaching



Advisor Success

Paid Speaking

Speaker Training


Executive Fitness

Hear what 2 of the 100's of happy client partners have to say about their experience working with QCL.

Jeff has helped 1000's of companies increase revenue in their businesses through innovative, direct marketing tactics that works so you don't waste your money!

For over 19 years, Jeff has been recognized for his innovative & impactful business building & marketing tactics.
He has built 7 Figure Franchises,National Powerhouses,Leading Organizations,and put more than 150,000 businesses on mission to impact.

REACH MORE PEOPLE, FASTER WITH VIRAL CONTEST MARKETINGJeff co-produced a global competition show that has utilized no paid advertising to engage more than 100k people to enter, vote & support the competition. He can show you how to leverage your value to build something special & his company has all the in-house talent to bring it to life!


6 FIGURE REVENUE GENERATING NETWORKING AND REFERRAL MARKETINGJeff's Co-Opvertising technology allows companies to generate more leads thru networking faster than any other method.His events book over 100 referral campaigns each month that literally 50X your marketing exposure.

BROUGHT 1000'S TOGETHER TO RAISE MORE THAN 70,000 JARS OF PB IN 6 MONTHS!Jeff's unique branding methods create a viral effect so every 10 people know you, just like coke or pepsi - without the billion dollar marketing budget. In fact, others will promote it organically!

FASTTRACK MBAA 12 Step, self-paced program designed to build impactful & profitable entrepreneurs. His programs have helped 1000's of companies grow!

The Leading Performance-Based Marketing Service for Consulting Companies, Coaches & Business Service Providers...

QCL employs nearly 100  Full Time Direct Marketing Outreach Specialists

 that work directly with each of our several 100 high-quality clients on a daily basis to...

Engage difficult to reach Fortune 500 Executives, Mid-Size & Small Business Owners 

in meaningful conversations using a method Jeff wrote about in his latest book entitled...

Results in the Last 5 Years (thru 2024)

QCL has reached out to more than 10 million targeted C-Suite Executives for our clients.

QCL has filled more than 10000 events for our clients.

QCL has generated more than 5 million leads for our clients.

QCL has generated more than $30 million in client revenue for our clients.

Avg Client Deal Size $25k-$150k.

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Our role is to accelerate your success by removing the lead generation challenge, so you can focus on what you do best!

You pay for the results we drive into your business - Guaranteed!

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